Are you an academic GP? Do you have any links to a University?

This week we have a post from our previous Beyond Europe lead, Dr Emily Clark. Emily has been long working with doctors and staff in Uganda so I’m grateful for her piece!
Are you an academic GP? Do you have any links to a University?
Dr Jane Namatovu is a GP from Kampala, Uganda. She really is an inspirational lady. She is also involved in the WONCA Working Party on Women in Family medicine (
I had the pleasure of sharing a delightful afternoon with her discussing Family medicine in Uganda and UK. We found common ground discussing the difficulties of medically complex patients and polypharmacy (on the rise in Uganda) and the challenged of dealing with Medically Unexplained symptoms. The Family Medicine faculty at Makarere University was established in 1989 and there have been around 50 graduates. They face real challenges, as the lack of knowledge of the ‘philosophy’ of Primary care from specialists & government alike which leads to a constant battle to justify their role and attract young doctors to the specialty.
One area that they really struggle with is research support. So if you are an academic GP in the UK (or anywhere) and would be keen to link up with Dr Jane to share learning & ideas, please email me or Dr Jane

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